Monday, December 12, 2011


12 December 2011

Hey-ho, back in Lincoln again after a 4 week sojourn to South America.  There is a mound of dirty laundry now, so the washing-machine is going to earning its keep this week!  The bags are back in the attic and the pictures down-loaded from the camera onto the computer.  Now all we have to do is start planning the next adventure!

The weather is distinctly cool and damp, so walking into town didn't appeal to me this afternoon.  Having got on the bus and payed for a return fare, I suddenly remembered that I no longer needed to pay - I'm off down to City-Hall tomorrow to acquire my much joked about bus pass!  I down-loaded a form entitled, 'Elderly Person' and realised that it referred to me.  Clearly, in Lincolnshire, being aged 60 is officially to be elderly.  On one hand, I'm not an OAP as a state pension is still some five years in the future, however, in terms of transport, I qualify as a doddery old git.  I'm just looking forward to 'young people' giving up their seats on the bus for me.

The best thing today was a visit to the dentist which lasted approximately 30 seconds.  The dentist and I parted amiably, me with cheque-book still in pocket and the dentist with an unexpected 15 minute coffee-break!

Having composed a considerable travel journal over the past weeks, of questionable quality,  is it satisfying to see that several people have read my scribblings.  I don't feel that I am ever going to challenge the Bill Brysons of this world, but I have enjoyed recording our travels.  If you have any constructive comments to help me improve my efforts, I'd be very happy to receive them.

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