Friday, December 9, 2011


06 December 2011

Quitos Birthday today - public holiday

Well after three weeks of being fit and healthy, Lynn woke up feeling very grotty this morning, grotty enough to stay in bed.  I felt fine and went down to a solitary breakfast.  The city is very quiet this morning, presumably sleeping off the partying from last night.  It is also a Public Holiday to celebrate 'Navidad de Quito'.

Back in the room, Lynn tried to sleep in order to feel better, the healing process wasn't helped by the music from Carolina Park which appeared to start at 11.00 with some 'Heavy Metal' bands screeching at full volume.

By lunchtime, it was clear that Lynn still wasn't feeling any better, although her temperature had gone down a little, so we asked the hotel for a doctor.  When I enquired about charges, so I could go to the cash machine, the hotel informed me it was free, all part of the hotel service.  How good is that?

A female doctor eventually appeared and prescribed a couple of drugs and also gave a free injection to ease the fever.  Hotel staff then offered to go to the pharmacy, but when they said that they were going just across the street, I went myself.  Despite the Public Holiday, the chemist was open and fearing the worse financially, I got the presciption.  Much to my suprise, the bill only came to $7 - I think I'm living in the wrong country!  Cheap prescriptions, fuel at $1 a gallon, this is the place to be!

I managed to catch up with the backlog of blogging that had built up.  The backlog had built up because there was no internet access in the jungle, none on the boat and none in the cloudforest, which accounted for 11 days.

Lynn continued to rest, but managed to eat a ham sandwich from Subway for lunch.

Later in the evening, I walked to TGI Friday for dinner by myself as it was the closest and easiest option.

At around 9.00 in the evening, there was a tremendous firework display in Carolina Park, and although we couldn't see the display, we could certainly hear it.  We caught glimpses of it reflected in the windows of the building behind the hotel, and the echoes made it very noisy.

Fingers crossed, Lynn is showing signs of improvement, so hopefully after a good nights sleep, she will be fit enough for the long flight home tomorrow.

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